Hemingways Ol Seki MaraHemingways Ol Seki MaraHemingways Ol Seki MaraHemingways Ol Seki Mara

Welcome to Ol Seki Hemingways Mara

"This private tented camp bordering the Masai Mara is your enclave of luxury in the wildest terrain of Kenya. We have a choice of 10 exclusive tents in which to host you and the entire 200km square of Naboisho Conservancy to reveal exclusively to you. 

So what’s special about Ol Seki? 

The location - the conservancy borders the Mara, no fences to inhibit the migration of animals which means you should see the big five and all the other indigenous animals on your check list right here, sometimes within five minutes of the camp. Only vehicles from the properties are allowed in the conservancy, so you see wildlife, not minibuses. The view from the camp is spectacular, the Mara is mostly flat plains but we are elevated on a rocky escarpment so you can see for miles.

The tents - The size of the tents is remarkable and the exquisite paleness of the colours compliments the beauty of the design.

The people - The majority of our staff were brought up within a 15km radius of the camp. They know the land intimately and they care about it. Everyone has an excellent knowledge of the area, not only the guides. So if you’re in the dining tent and you point to the hills and ask the waiter what they’re called, he’ll tell you the name and what it means.

The service - We’re small and personally tailor every day to suit what you want. We’re friendly, totally flexible and dedicated to making your time at Ol Seki an unparalleled adventure in the realms of safari. We dine with you and host you by the fireside but we also know how to create total privacy for you whenever you feel like it.

"I’ve travelled to 58 countries in my life but chose to settle here because of the stunning scenery and endearing people. 26 years in Kenya later, and I still feel there’s more to discover. I’ve captured some of my experiences in photographs - I’m a dedicated amateur photographer so will help you get the best shots. I’m also on hand to answer all your questions about wildlife and plants; I’ve been researching the flora and fauna for decades and am a certified guide through the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association (in fact, all our Ol Seki guides are).

The camp is named after the Ol Seki tree (known in English as the sandpaper tree) which in the local Masai language, means “blessed”. It’s a peace tree and the branches are used to settle disputes. This is apt because the creation of Naboisho, which means “coming together” has brought peace between agriculture and wildlife in the conservancy and has helped to forge a harmonious relationship between the local Masai and tourist enterprises in the area."


Melinda Rees, Manager

“I’ve stayed at lodges all over Masai Mara many times and Hemingways is up there with the best” John, Thailand

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